Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black sheep, or bleached wool?

Ever feel like you stick out like a sore thumb? Alone in a crowd? As if the people who are around you, though having the same very-basic things in common.. are either beneath you or above you?
How about ostracized, black-balled or purposely left-out?
Anything about just simply not fitting in with the people who make up the general populace of where you are?

I feel like that, a fair bit recently. I know I'm a `black sheep`.. I tell myself it's because I speak my mind..and don't tend to care about how you feel about what I say. (granted, I'm attemting more thought-induced responses instead of knee-jerk) There are a few things I cannot stand, and refuse to tolerate.. one of which is lies. Most everyone hates.. HATES to be lied to. Well, there are more ways to like to someone than by speaking.
And I find a lot of folks seem to put on their smiley face.. bleach their blackened wool to a faux-white and bleat their conversations out like good little sheeps.

Do you know what bleach does? Sure, it kills bacteria.. but it doesn't clean dirty things. It just burns the colour out of it. And eventually, it eats away at the cloth beneath, and will destroy the garment.
And as such.. when people put on the smiley face, and act like everything is okay, when it's not... that irritates me. To no end. Have we as a society become so self-focused and selfishly that people are afraid to openly admit their pain when it's plain to others. Especially amongst a group of people that are supposed to be more like a loving family than a dysfunctional psych-ward ?

So excuse me while I bleat under my breath and nibble my grass away from the rest of the flock of you fellow sheeps, but I can't stand the hypocrisy. If there's something bugging me, it's usually fairly evident. ...Now, I understand the need for privacy, and that some things you only share with certain specific individuals.. but come on.. if you're asked how you're doing, and it's miserable.. don't lie and say `fine`.. be honest, and let the person know you'd rather not discuss it.

How hard is that?

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