Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 posts in 1 day?

Yup.. two posts in one day.

Whyfore?, you ask.

Because I got some good news today.
Two things, actually..one of them just happened.

The first.. brightened my day after a few weeks of misery and just all-together unbustable funk.. I received a Beta-Key from EA. And I was thinking yesterday, ~C'mon man, what's the deal? I'd like to beta-test this puppy.. it was supposed to be released last summer, let's see what the hold-up is!~ ...and no dice. Literally. The company's name is DICE, from...Sweden?..makers of a fine lil franchise owned by EA called BattleField.

So far.. I'm seeing why they're taking so long in getting this puppy done and ready for mass-consumption. Something'll be new for us here in the West, but is fairly normal in the East, and has been for a few years now. I think it'll take off with rockets when it lands and is accepted.
...Notice to all you WOW players.. your days of paying per month for access to everthing and having a percentile-chance to win/loot stuff without being ninja'd... is up. It's been up for a while, but like most things European.. it takes a while to land here and take root. And things in the East (orient) take a while to take off in Europe..so we get kinda doubly-screwed, time-wise.. so much for `global village` and `one worldwide market conglomerate`.

If DICE is true to their word, and takes to heart the suggestions from the Beta Testers and implements the best of the ideas and fixs the bugs that are still there... we're in for a good time, yo.

Now the second bit of good news.. it's always nice when peopel apply what they've learned.. and someone called tonight to share something and it really hit the spot.. especially because it shows that not only did they pay attention to the sermon on sunday, but that for all the doubters and naysayers in and out of the church.. hey, God is still God.. alive and active and moving and speaking in the world today.. so get over yourselves and accept what can't be denied.
...well, it can be denied.. but that takes more faith than I've got.. so there you go.
C.S. lewis said it well : As a Christian, things appear too highly improbably. When I was an atheist, Christianity seemed horribly probable.

Procrasti-hey lookitthat!!

I've been meaning to write more.. I have.
Thought about it for a few days.. and then side-tracked myself with other things.
Seems my discipline to concentrate on various things I oughta do just ain't there.
Discipline.. ick. We hate discipline, we really do.. we the people that live on this planet.
So we make up another name for things we enjoy on a regular basis.. it's a hobby, it's a habit. This is part of my ritual, my annual whatever, I do this, I do that, I spend my time on whatever, I invest myself in .....
Either way, it's still a discipline.. most of them are disciplines of leisure and enjoyment.. hardly seems like a discipline at all, until you try to do something different.

Friend of mine has the discipline to read his bible when he gets up every morning.
Every honking morning, man! ..I wonder to myself.. does he get up and go pee first..or does his open his eyes, reach over for bible, and start reading instead? ...me, I get up and shower.. part of my "morning ritual"... I've let myself become disciplined to this. I could change it, but that would require another discipline to be forged over what I do now.

Procrastination is another discipline I've let take ownership in my life. Usually for things I don't want to do, like homework.. or dishes...... or scrubbing the bathtub. Homework.. man, never thought I'd have homework at this stage in life. ...Anyhow...
Even for things I WANT to do.. like practice my bass, or workout... I procrastinate on them!
I didn't realise a whole week had gone by since my last post until I called up the gunshop today to see if they had their order in or not.

Thing about disciplines.. habits, if you will.. is they're hard to break..and hard to make - the good ones. The not-so-good ones are easy...which is probably why there are more bad-habits than good ones out there.

So.. as I eat my Big Turk bar and look at my weights... I think I'm going to practice the C and G major scales on my bass.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's follow-up


We ended up doing the very thing we decided we weren't going to do.
Pretty sure the girlfriend is kinda pissed at me.
Fortunately, she's level-headed..and after explaining what was going on.. she's not so angry at me anymore.. though I'm fairly certain she's still kind of upset/miffed at me.
Lucky me.. chocolates smooth things over.
A few boxes... just enough to fill a pickup truck.
That, and a ring.
Which she promptly ate. To see why, click here .

Now.. we had previously been to a restaurant we both enjoyed.. good food at good prices.. we'd been there a few times. However.. the first time we went there with some friends of mine.. they had changed the menu. And we went there again saturday with said friends..and for the second time, things were less than good. Instead of informing my friend's wife they were out of the dish she wanted, they simply substituted something else instead and served it. With two waitresses for 5 tables (the largest party being a party of 6, and none of them being obnoxious or demanding), the service was horribly inadequate. So this place is now on our `bad` list. ...which is a shame, because it was a great place to go before they changed the menu... that's the only thing I can see as a pivotal crux... the menu changed, and the food and service changed with it.

And then the movie we wanted to see.. we were too late to see..so renting something.. and being harassed by some poor kid in the parking lot for fund-raising stuff.. now, my sweety deals with kids for a certain club.. so she's upset that whoever's looking after this kid has them in a busy parking lot, at 930 at night, and the parking lot ain't exactly brightly-lit. Stupid people, they's everywhere.. and most kids, if they're doing something like selling chocolate bars for fundraising, they just go where you tell'em and try to sell the chocolate bars.

She got another ring this morning.. also eaten. Which is fine.. eventually she's going to get a ring she can eat but won't want to. We found something nice and functional. Says she doesn't want an eye-gouger...which to me is a relief because it won't be a wallet-gouger either. At the ludicrous divorce-rates in the world.. 2-months salary is a stupid waste of money.. you could get multiple hookers for that kind of cash and be happier with your life, really.
Not that that's the smartest idea in the world.. but from a strict money and stats perspective.. hey, there ya go.

Not us though.. we're both `'til death do you part` people. Which is good. Also some same/very similar viewpoints on other things. We did get a bit of time to ourselves today, which was nice. Weather wasn't too bad either, so we enjoyed a bit of a walk.
Got to see a new side of my sweety.. playing cards with a friend of hers.. she can be quite.. vocal.. silly and vicious..all in one. Was.. weird.. but cute. Weird game.. mostly because you can just up and help your opponents.. and most games have you out solely for yourself.. but this one sets you up for helping each other.. or at least, wheeling&dealing for mutual benefits.
And for those curious.. yes, she won. Beat me by 5 points.

All things considered... for a couple of people who've never `done` valentine's day.. I think we managed fine.. taking into account the screw ups and let-downs.. I think we came through the other side just fine.
Time'll tell either way.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just another day?

It's Valentine's Day.

A day made for whatever reason.. personally, I figure it was originally instated to help folks deal with the dreck of more winter and cold and an excuse to whoop it up and celebrate something.
Could have been better-thought-through, though. Seriously. Here you are, a bit past the general half-way point of winter, and you're celebrating love and couples and marriage and all the supposed mushy-mush feelings that go along with it. ..Great.. for the other half of the populace(which is now becoming the greater portion, apparently)..it's just another rub in the face of something else they've not acquired/achieved/lived up to.

As for me.. my girlfriend is probably going to be some kind of disappointed. Why? Because I'm sick. She came to see me at school yesterday..and I was working. So she sat and read for an hour plus while I finished up what I was doing. And instead of going out and doing something afterward.. we hopped on a bus, and I went back to the house..and got a few things done..and then slept for about 5 or 6 hours. Woke up long enough to grab a bite to eat..then went back to sleep... and slept for about 9 hours. ...now.. you oughta know I don't `sleep`....I almost-nap. I constantly wake up for no good reason..and when I'm sick.. at least I can roll over and hauk into the wastebin whatever's trying to kill me in my sleep. ...So.. poor girlfriend. Comes all the way downtown to see me at school... gets snubbed for work... then jumps on the bus with me..and I just go back to the house and crash.

She wants to see a movie tonight. No big plans, no major deal.. okay fine, no worries. ...and I'm sick with..whatever. So this is a problem.. I can't actually sit still long enough for a movie.. If I'm moving, I'm fine. If I'm doing -something- I'm fine. But the minute I sit down my nose and sinuses go back to work and my throat closes up and it's time to make noise blowing my honker or coughing something up. ...not exactly what you want to be subjected when you're out at the movies.

When we first started seeing each other.. I told her that I can `either save everything up for one big super-memorable day on valentine's...or we can treat like any other miserable day and I'll just be as romantic and goobery as I feel for whenever`. Her choice.
Now.. my girly.. she's a smart girly. Very down-to-earth, too. Doesn't figure valentine's should be a big deal. And yes, by all means, be as smooshy as I wanna be whenever I want to be. (I so have plans for something at a funeral..mwahahahahah. Naw, just kidding)

And yet.. I still feel as though I oughta do something, even if the ever-cliche` box of chocolates and flowers. .....but she likes cheesey things. So this throws me off my usual gameplan. Feduciary-provisions allowing, I would probably want to do something like get a horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside near dusk while nibbling on muncheables and sharing a nice bottle of wine... freeze our buns off while watching the stars come out. You know, nothing romantic.. just nice and something to be able to look back on in the future-years. ...but that ain't exactly cheesey, apparently it is romantic.. though I beg to differ. ..maybe just stuff that seems normal to me is either bizarre or romantic, depending on the situation. .... So instead.. I'm looking at a pastel-rainbow'd monkey-hat. And ring-pops. (you know, those lil plastic rings, with a huge honkin candy on it?) ...Maybe next year I'll see what I can do about some pop-rocks and a bottle of 7up. .. like 50.lbs of poprocks and 20L of 7Up and see how big a mess I can make. Of course, I'd have to get strawberry/cherry/raspberry flavoured ones, so the mess turns out pink and thereby is an appropriate colour for the day.

Well.. I guess I'll have to see what happens.. how well I'm feeling and what my girly is up for tonight. SO.. happy valentine's y'all. ...and if you're single.. enjoy the fact you don't have that stupid societal pressure to spend money on (really) trivial things.
Next month : Steak & a Blowjob day. ....yeh, that'll go over well, I'm sure (now wipe the sarcasm off your screen)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The odd thought out

According to scientists... and, you should know up front I put about as much stock in what they say as the people who waste good tax-payer money on ludicrous research like the mating habits of the fruit-fly...or the tse-tse fly for that matter.. .anyhow.. according to scientists.. men think about sex once every three seconds.




..Screw you science!.. wait.. let me rephrase that.

Hah, you suck science!..wait.

Ahh.. forget it.


I often wonder about the how and where and why `scientists` come up with these things.. and how they just make theories into `fact`..and if you don't agree with this thing that usually has `theory` in the title naming of it..then you're just dumb. ..

The Big Bang Theory.

The Theory of Evolution.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Theory theory theory. The big bang theory..that gets me. Especially how so many people and `smart folk` just assume it must be true.


How do we know we're not like sea-monkeys or xyloplankton or something to some much larger critter?... we don't. If everything is made of molecules, that we can't really see... how do we know that's true? We just take these people's word and `research` as true. ...but the idea of God making anything..or doing anything.. man, that gets their panties in a twist.

I recall hearing someone once get so frustrated and angry...to the point that I couldn't help but laugh listening to them rant..because it reminded me so much of a small child having a fit for not getting their way.

If you're a scientist.. then isn't your passion really to find things out?.. to question everything and seek the truth behind things? But you can't conclude a god, let alone the God, made anything..that you'll never know for certain on something..or anything like that. I wonder why... and yet, I know a couple reasons why.. but I suppose I could be wrong.

I'm really curious how these intellectual people can possibly claim to devote themselves to science..what is essentially the pursuit of truth and knowledge...and just blindly bind themselves to an unestablished theory of something.. particularly about something no one can possibly have an answer for, such as how we all got here, or how we're really all held together, and how the sun was made..or when it'll supernova and cook us all to a crisp.

Me?.. I'm going with God on this. I'd rather think that I'm a purposefully created critter with something to do in my life...instead of an incredibly infinitessimally minute percentile probability of being formed into something.. and that's just forming a planet... forget something as complex as a heart.. lung.. brain.. or person. I've often wondered... what did the first critter that managed to breathe air reproduce with after it crawled out of the water? I mean.. even if it were asexual, like worms or nematodes.. then it's offspring would inherit that genetic trait as well, right? ...or are you going to tell me that hey, the mutation that caused it to stop breathing with gills and start using lungs not only didn't cause it to drown, but also mutated the asexuality of it so it's offspring were dual-sexed critters ??

...even the bad-math on that gives it such a small chance of happening... but hey... I suppose you could chalk it up to a miracle..

oh wait..

Miracles tend to belong in the realm of the supernatural... the non-science..God..angels, ghosts, demons.. things like that.

I like the wind.

Nobody can prove it exists... because all we know are the effects of this thing we call the wind.

We feel it as it rushes past us... we hear it as it moves through trees and leaves.. we see it blow rain and snow stuff about... we only experience the repercussions of this thing moving and being...but we never see the thing itself. Can't touch it.. can't put it in a jar on a shelf for future generations to study and examine and such...

So how does science go about `proving` wind?.. How can a meteorologist claim to predict weather?... it's not a science.. kinda of like being a doctor isn't a science.

It's called `practicing` medicine for a reason.. because what works on me, might not work on you..and might outright kill someone else, and the reversal of all that can be true as well.

Look at peanutbutter... 20 years ago, kids being allergic to peanuts was hardly heard of...and now, it's so common place ...it's ridiculous.

So... I'll listen to my music.. play my videogame.. snuggle with my sweetheart..watch a movie, do my homework and practice on my bass... and let sex pass me by for the mostpart.

Every 3 seconds?... it took more than 3 seconds to type out my lil rant on science... and sex didn't enter my mind during the rant. It's on my mind now because I'm using it here for this example.


Take that, science. One more for the Unknown!