Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 posts in 1 day?

Yup.. two posts in one day.

Whyfore?, you ask.

Because I got some good news today.
Two things, actually..one of them just happened.

The first.. brightened my day after a few weeks of misery and just all-together unbustable funk.. I received a Beta-Key from EA. And I was thinking yesterday, ~C'mon man, what's the deal? I'd like to beta-test this puppy.. it was supposed to be released last summer, let's see what the hold-up is!~ ...and no dice. Literally. The company's name is DICE, from...Sweden?..makers of a fine lil franchise owned by EA called BattleField.

So far.. I'm seeing why they're taking so long in getting this puppy done and ready for mass-consumption. Something'll be new for us here in the West, but is fairly normal in the East, and has been for a few years now. I think it'll take off with rockets when it lands and is accepted.
...Notice to all you WOW players.. your days of paying per month for access to everthing and having a percentile-chance to win/loot stuff without being ninja'd... is up. It's been up for a while, but like most things European.. it takes a while to land here and take root. And things in the East (orient) take a while to take off in Europe..so we get kinda doubly-screwed, time-wise.. so much for `global village` and `one worldwide market conglomerate`.

If DICE is true to their word, and takes to heart the suggestions from the Beta Testers and implements the best of the ideas and fixs the bugs that are still there... we're in for a good time, yo.

Now the second bit of good news.. it's always nice when peopel apply what they've learned.. and someone called tonight to share something and it really hit the spot.. especially because it shows that not only did they pay attention to the sermon on sunday, but that for all the doubters and naysayers in and out of the church.. hey, God is still God.. alive and active and moving and speaking in the world today.. so get over yourselves and accept what can't be denied.
...well, it can be denied.. but that takes more faith than I've got.. so there you go.
C.S. lewis said it well : As a Christian, things appear too highly improbably. When I was an atheist, Christianity seemed horribly probable.

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