Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Living by the sword

I have timing. Amazing, incredible, horrifically absurd timing.
There are two women I know.. whenever I call the one, she's either stepping into or out of the shower, and the other one is always just getting out of bed. Doesn't matter what time of day I call. Timing, I tells ya.
So.. I put an order in for the new model Smith&Wesson M&P, which can be seen Here, and sure enough, I had called the order in just too late to get it shipped today. ..which really isn't too bad, as it oughta take about 2 days by expedited courier.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Well.. my sword tends to be a few things.. usually my anger and my tongue. However.. I have a penchant-love of weaponry. Specific weapons linger in my lust..but weapons in general fascinate me. Custom weapons more so. Now.. anime gives birth to a whole slew of weapon ideas.. such as a gunsword (looking at you, Final Fantasy VIII)... and I've been getting my fill of Black Lagoon lately and one of the main characters uses aSword Cutlass which is really a Beretta M92FS modified with grips and I don't know what else, probably trigger sensitivity, and silver/chrome colouring. Skull & Crossbones engraving.. it's just a pretty & mean looking weapon.
Well.. as I said, I love weapons. I've got a two airsoft springer pistols, which remind me of the above mentioned Beretta 92's, but are really knock-offs of something else..can't remember what. And I've got a 357-6 pellet revolver.

The thing I love most about these is.. I don't need a license, PAL, FAL, or anything other than proof that I'm over 18 (and I haven't been ID'd since I was 15) to acquire them. They're not lethal, save I shoot you in the eye for breaking into my abode.. but chances are real good I won't get you there. I'd be aiming for kneecaps and groin before I aim at your face.

Eventually, I plan on acquiring some bladed weaponry - after I acquire some rifles. I blame The Duke... yup, John Wayne for showing me the lustre and joy of a lever-action rifle. Bolt-action and lever-action rifles are what I drool over, as far as rifles go. You can have your shotguns and such... but I'll be happy with an old M1 Garand or even the lowly and often-mocked, Red Ryder 1938 model BB-gun. Set up a backdrop and a trap..and I'm happy for a good while plinking away.

So anyhow.. there's my post for the day. When my new `toy` (and it ain't no toy.. don't let your kids near the thing.. people are stupid the world over..and projectile weaponry just makes us dumber) arrives, I'll toss up some pics of my small collection.

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