Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay.. so tonight was interesting. Nice lil rendition of things tonight.. and the jamming at the end was just.. it was great, in my opinion. Sure, I buggered up a fair bit.. but that's to be expected when you're learning.
What I -want- to learn is how to just play-by-ear.. but that requires more skill than I currently have.
I firmly believe that to play by ear, all you really need is a good knowledge of where the notes on your instrument are.. and what they sound like.. so you can reach them, accompany them, compliment the ones being played.

On another note, yesterday was 3 months with the girlfriend. Didn't get to talk to her, call her, nothing. So I sent her an email. Real romantic, I know. She wasn't there tonight.. turns out she's sick. That sucks (that she's sick). Sometimes I wonder if we're the right people for each other...among other things. I wish there was a simple forumla for knowing if someone is the right person for you..would make life so much simpler. But.. then I guess it'd take a lot of something I'm not understanding out of it, too.

Meh.. so that's it for my thursday.. more or less enjoyable. Off to see the 'morrow.

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