Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Facebook, Twitter, Neopets, Xianz, The Weather Network, MySpace, Various Email Accounts
A random sampling of the places people I know spend their online time.. sort of wasting time..really.
And it IS wasting time.. depending on what's put out/on there.

Steve Brethour once said he refused to get a facebook(heretofore referred as crackbook) account because it was "simpy one more thing I'd have to look after, and I don't want to spend my time on that." Smart man.

Things we waste or invest time on. Time is the only real thing we can never get back. We can mend relationships sometimes.. we can fix/patch/rebuild something like a car or a house.. we can replace things that get broken, like a tv or window.. ...maybe this is why money becomes so important to some people.. because deep in their souls they know they're trading the one thing they can never get more of - time - for a dollar amount.

I ponder about selling my laptop and just spending more time investing in decent things.. working out more.. more cardio.. really really getting into my bass.. and blending it with my harmonica .. reigniting my fires for art and refining what is probably gone rusty in my art-skills. Mental pursuits as well as physically-bettering ones (like the above mentioned cardio).

Discipline.. it'll take discipline.. and the fact that I enjoy videogames and online socializing (is it really socializing??).. I have to admit they've got a hold on me. Found a new game, free, nice blend of a few pay-to-play games I used to waste money on..and I can see it taking root in me. ...better cut that off fast! ... it's one thing to enjoy something.. it's another to keep my lazy ways and ignore what I know is better for me.

And it's all just stuff to keep me occupied.. blinded from what I know I need to do.. get off this laptop.. away from the games, away from a tv, and do something.. healthy. My excuse is that I have no one to do anything with, really. I don't rollerblade well, and I don't like to go places alone.. but I enjoy working out by myself.. so at least there's that. But `working out` is weights.. not cardio, to me. Have a goal.. get to it.. repeat. Like.. don't ask me to go for a walk.. because my response is `where to?`. If you say `hey, let's go for a walk down by the pier`.. Okay.. it's a destination..and away we go.

And there's my harmonica staring at me from the edge of the desk. ... tomorrow is slated as `music refinement day`.. so.. it'll keep until then. And until then.. I'm going to go do something else.. providing I've the willpower to go do it.

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