Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why I'm not God

Simple reason, really.

You'd all be done.
Gone and beyond remembrance and just.. poof, out of here.

I really should take serious consideration at what it takes to be a hermit. As a general rule, I can't stand people. At best I tolerate them.. what very few friends I have, even they annoy me to the point of murder at times.

"oh.. everyone goes through a rough patch where they don't like anybody"
Yeah.. but rough patches last maybe a week or two.. not the better part of an entire lifetime.
The sole thought that prevents me from becoming as violent as I believe I truly should be (at times) is that I don't like court. Don't like judges, lawyers, legal fees and fines and above all, jail or prison. Especially because you can bet I'd be convicted, in a heartbeat. All I'd have to do is explain the situation that leads to me just no longer caring about the consequences, and engaging knuckles into face...and the judge would put themselves in my shoes and go `Yup, I'd do the same. Guilty as charged, take him away.`

There's a reason I don't go to the movies. And it's people. It was bad enough when it was just people being stupid and talking or slurping their drinks or whatever.. now it's cellphones. Constantly. About 45 minutes into a movie, for the 4th time this guy 2 seats over brings his phone out, I tap him and tell him to shut it off.. threatens me about touching him again, he's not turning his phone off, and then says something probably unflattering in a foreign language.

Now that gets my ire up right there.. you're in this country, not your home country, kid. Learn the national language. Next, turning your phone off during a movie is simple common courtesy. And best of all, threatening someone... that right there gives me (in my own world, anyhow) the green-light to break part of you off so I can beat some good manners into you with the wet-end.
...But then, that wouldn't be good manners on my own part.

I just don't know.. more and more I hate people. Knowing exactly what they are.. I can not stand them. ...I don't know how God does it.. let alone why He would bother having mercy and grace for any of us.
It's beyond me. And if it's beyond me, it's probably beyond you, too. (yup, there's some ego for you). Seriously.. what's your gut-reaction to people who annoy you, threaten you, piss you off, then just sit back all smug, like they're the cat's ass?
For me.. it's breaking my knuckles on their face.
Violence.. cause of, and solution to, all the world's problem. ...but an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.. so there's gotta be a better way.

As for me?.. I'm in the market for a cozy cave just on the cusp of civilization..preferably with central air and highspeed wireless, of course.

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