Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small update

Okay.. 2 updates.
Update from Valentine's Day :

Oh.. the CHEESE of it all! ....lucky for me, my girlfriend likes cheese.

What she has yet to learn, I think (I could be mistaken) is that usually when I'm being sincere or comes out sounding like some cheesey line of least to my ears, anyhow.

So.. for Valentine's Day.. I got her a ring. Now.. we're not dating.. we're courting. The difference, you ask? Well, dating usually involves a fair bit of physicality to it, and we're doing what we can to keep that at bay.. and getting to know each other mentally, emotionally, spiritually. But the big kicker is.. we're both aware that if for whatever reason, this doesn't end up in marriage(which is a goal from the get-go, made clear), then the worst we've got at the end of it is a good friend.

This is a photo of the ring I got her, ( ------> )
And for the record.. the pig in the picture is what she got me... to help drive home the fact that she likes cheese. ...which is good.. because when a guy gives a girl a ring.. the rock is usually some kind of precious stone set in semi-precious to precious metals.. not plastic with flavoured hardened ugar sitting on it.

Update from recent-previous post:

Okay.. my Smith&Wesson Military&Police arrived today.

Not exactly what I expected, but it's better than it could have been ...What was advertised is not what is.. and the best part of that is that what was advertised is on the back packaging.. but there's a small box with the actual specs of the weapon on it. No double-stage trigger, no blowback action (I'm aware of.. haven't been to the range yet) and the powerplant has a good chance of pinching skin when you close I've already done that to myself.

Still.. all in all, I like the look, the overall feel of the weapon. Once I've spent a few rounds through it, I'll have a better idea. All in all, I like what I see so far.

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