Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid human tricks

Okay.. I don't get it.

People are SO honking dumb! Especially when they talk to little kids/babies or animals. Why do they do that? They talk in that annoying baby-talk with the high-voices and their voices always go up at the end of whatever they're saying like in old-school french class.
What.. do they think the kid/animal's going to understand them better? Like how people raise their voice(volume) and talk s-l-o-w-e-r to folks who don't speak whatever language they're speaking.

I don't get it.
Annoys me.
Just talk to them like they're people(little kids).. geez. No need to pander down to them.. they'll understand. Body language.. tone.. the whole thing.. kids are smarter than we give them credit for..but are also a lot dumber than want to believe they are.

So.. the next time you come across people going stupid over little kids or puppies or whatever.. help them stop making asses of themselves.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay.. so tonight was interesting. Nice lil rendition of things tonight.. and the jamming at the end was just.. it was great, in my opinion. Sure, I buggered up a fair bit.. but that's to be expected when you're learning.
What I -want- to learn is how to just play-by-ear.. but that requires more skill than I currently have.
I firmly believe that to play by ear, all you really need is a good knowledge of where the notes on your instrument are.. and what they sound like.. so you can reach them, accompany them, compliment the ones being played.

On another note, yesterday was 3 months with the girlfriend. Didn't get to talk to her, call her, nothing. So I sent her an email. Real romantic, I know. She wasn't there tonight.. turns out she's sick. That sucks (that she's sick). Sometimes I wonder if we're the right people for each other...among other things. I wish there was a simple forumla for knowing if someone is the right person for you..would make life so much simpler. But.. then I guess it'd take a lot of something I'm not understanding out of it, too.

Meh.. so that's it for my thursday.. more or less enjoyable. Off to see the 'morrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Facebook, Twitter, Neopets, Xianz, The Weather Network, MySpace, Various Email Accounts
A random sampling of the places people I know spend their online time.. sort of wasting time..really.
And it IS wasting time.. depending on what's put out/on there.

Steve Brethour once said he refused to get a facebook(heretofore referred as crackbook) account because it was "simpy one more thing I'd have to look after, and I don't want to spend my time on that." Smart man.

Things we waste or invest time on. Time is the only real thing we can never get back. We can mend relationships sometimes.. we can fix/patch/rebuild something like a car or a house.. we can replace things that get broken, like a tv or window.. ...maybe this is why money becomes so important to some people.. because deep in their souls they know they're trading the one thing they can never get more of - time - for a dollar amount.

I ponder about selling my laptop and just spending more time investing in decent things.. working out more.. more cardio.. really really getting into my bass.. and blending it with my harmonica .. reigniting my fires for art and refining what is probably gone rusty in my art-skills. Mental pursuits as well as physically-bettering ones (like the above mentioned cardio).

Discipline.. it'll take discipline.. and the fact that I enjoy videogames and online socializing (is it really socializing??).. I have to admit they've got a hold on me. Found a new game, free, nice blend of a few pay-to-play games I used to waste money on..and I can see it taking root in me. ...better cut that off fast! ... it's one thing to enjoy something.. it's another to keep my lazy ways and ignore what I know is better for me.

And it's all just stuff to keep me occupied.. blinded from what I know I need to do.. get off this laptop.. away from the games, away from a tv, and do something.. healthy. My excuse is that I have no one to do anything with, really. I don't rollerblade well, and I don't like to go places alone.. but I enjoy working out by myself.. so at least there's that. But `working out` is weights.. not cardio, to me. Have a goal.. get to it.. repeat. Like.. don't ask me to go for a walk.. because my response is `where to?`. If you say `hey, let's go for a walk down by the pier`.. Okay.. it's a destination..and away we go.

And there's my harmonica staring at me from the edge of the desk. ... tomorrow is slated as `music refinement day`.. so.. it'll keep until then. And until then.. I'm going to go do something else.. providing I've the willpower to go do it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smearin O' th'green

YAR!! wait.. that's not too irish, now is it? Meh.
Anyhow.. it's St.Patrick's Day.. a day for green-dyed beer and clovers and green... wait.. what?? How does a man's name become associated with this stuff? (probably the same way Easter got associated with chocolate rabbits and eggs)

Either way... It's the day.. it's almost over.. if you've got some green on.. good for you ..though I'm not sure why `good for you`.. but anyhow.
And if not.. party-pooper! Ah well.

Slainte` !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small update

Okay.. 2 updates.
Update from Valentine's Day :

Oh.. the CHEESE of it all! ....lucky for me, my girlfriend likes cheese.

What she has yet to learn, I think (I could be mistaken) is that usually when I'm being sincere or comes out sounding like some cheesey line of least to my ears, anyhow.

So.. for Valentine's Day.. I got her a ring. Now.. we're not dating.. we're courting. The difference, you ask? Well, dating usually involves a fair bit of physicality to it, and we're doing what we can to keep that at bay.. and getting to know each other mentally, emotionally, spiritually. But the big kicker is.. we're both aware that if for whatever reason, this doesn't end up in marriage(which is a goal from the get-go, made clear), then the worst we've got at the end of it is a good friend.

This is a photo of the ring I got her, ( ------> )
And for the record.. the pig in the picture is what she got me... to help drive home the fact that she likes cheese. ...which is good.. because when a guy gives a girl a ring.. the rock is usually some kind of precious stone set in semi-precious to precious metals.. not plastic with flavoured hardened ugar sitting on it.

Update from recent-previous post:

Okay.. my Smith&Wesson Military&Police arrived today.

Not exactly what I expected, but it's better than it could have been ...What was advertised is not what is.. and the best part of that is that what was advertised is on the back packaging.. but there's a small box with the actual specs of the weapon on it. No double-stage trigger, no blowback action (I'm aware of.. haven't been to the range yet) and the powerplant has a good chance of pinching skin when you close I've already done that to myself.

Still.. all in all, I like the look, the overall feel of the weapon. Once I've spent a few rounds through it, I'll have a better idea. All in all, I like what I see so far.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Odd Man Out

Okay.. you know how, when you were little...and at school or the playground, 2 `captains` were chosen (usually the popular kids..or the ones who were good at the game) and they picked people to play on their team?

I didn't experience that much. Mostly because I refused to play the game. (refusing to play The Game is a behaviour I keep with me to this day) ..but I have been there.. and often enough I've been one of the last 2 or 3 people(in groups larger than 10) picked for a team. It's not that I don't have any athletic skill..I just haven't honed any of them. Where I have honed my skills is spread out.. no one thing being of such a great superior ability that anyone I know would come to me first off, knowing they could rely on my knowledge and ability and whatever got done would be more than good enough.

Where I stand now.. I'm kind of feeling like Rock from Black Lagoon.. neither in the light, nor in the darkness... but the twilight of the in-between. ....I don't fit in, in either world.
See.. I've got a handle on my anger and rage..but it burns within me and sometimes clouds my thoughts and attitude. Toss in a mouth that disregards an extensive vocabulary for blunt-force-cussing eyes that can bounce from this jiggle to that jiggle.. and a general disdain for people the world over.. and you've got one pretty lousy, outright bad example of a Christian.
And yet.. I'm not as bad as I once was..and even then, I'm not Scum of the Earth either.. bad, but not bad enough.. Bad enough to have cops give me a look-over and that petty-punks would leave me alone, while the harder-core elements eyed me up.

I don't fit in at a church..and I'm no longer comfortable sitting in a bar or strip club. (well..I was never too comfortable in a stripclub anyhow. Sure I can talk the talk and act how you ought to (more or less) in either environment.. but neither feels genuine..and I refuse to be that guy if I can help it.

I'm the odd man out.. and here I stand.. and have been standing here for a while now.. at a crossroads where decisions must be made.. and it's enough of a war-zone that I don't want to put up shop and try to sell to both sides. There's no peace in a situation like that. And so why don't I simply just make a choice and go for it?.. well.. I know God is real.. and so I can't go back to being `bad`... and when I look at church people.. I dunno.. I guess I expect(and there's the failure right there) something more than just.. people.. people as flawed as me.. I need a constant reminder that it's not like flicking a switch...everything is a process.. but man alive, I wish it was like flicking a switch.

Switch on. Bad habits and thoughts off. Tra la la la laaaa...awwww nuts. It don't work like that.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why I'm not God

Simple reason, really.

You'd all be done.
Gone and beyond remembrance and just.. poof, out of here.

I really should take serious consideration at what it takes to be a hermit. As a general rule, I can't stand people. At best I tolerate them.. what very few friends I have, even they annoy me to the point of murder at times.

"oh.. everyone goes through a rough patch where they don't like anybody"
Yeah.. but rough patches last maybe a week or two.. not the better part of an entire lifetime.
The sole thought that prevents me from becoming as violent as I believe I truly should be (at times) is that I don't like court. Don't like judges, lawyers, legal fees and fines and above all, jail or prison. Especially because you can bet I'd be convicted, in a heartbeat. All I'd have to do is explain the situation that leads to me just no longer caring about the consequences, and engaging knuckles into face...and the judge would put themselves in my shoes and go `Yup, I'd do the same. Guilty as charged, take him away.`

There's a reason I don't go to the movies. And it's people. It was bad enough when it was just people being stupid and talking or slurping their drinks or whatever.. now it's cellphones. Constantly. About 45 minutes into a movie, for the 4th time this guy 2 seats over brings his phone out, I tap him and tell him to shut it off.. threatens me about touching him again, he's not turning his phone off, and then says something probably unflattering in a foreign language.

Now that gets my ire up right there.. you're in this country, not your home country, kid. Learn the national language. Next, turning your phone off during a movie is simple common courtesy. And best of all, threatening someone... that right there gives me (in my own world, anyhow) the green-light to break part of you off so I can beat some good manners into you with the wet-end.
...But then, that wouldn't be good manners on my own part.

I just don't know.. more and more I hate people. Knowing exactly what they are.. I can not stand them. ...I don't know how God does it.. let alone why He would bother having mercy and grace for any of us.
It's beyond me. And if it's beyond me, it's probably beyond you, too. (yup, there's some ego for you). Seriously.. what's your gut-reaction to people who annoy you, threaten you, piss you off, then just sit back all smug, like they're the cat's ass?
For me.. it's breaking my knuckles on their face.
Violence.. cause of, and solution to, all the world's problem. ...but an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.. so there's gotta be a better way.

As for me?.. I'm in the market for a cozy cave just on the cusp of civilization..preferably with central air and highspeed wireless, of course.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Living by the sword

I have timing. Amazing, incredible, horrifically absurd timing.
There are two women I know.. whenever I call the one, she's either stepping into or out of the shower, and the other one is always just getting out of bed. Doesn't matter what time of day I call. Timing, I tells ya.
So.. I put an order in for the new model Smith&Wesson M&P, which can be seen Here, and sure enough, I had called the order in just too late to get it shipped today. ..which really isn't too bad, as it oughta take about 2 days by expedited courier.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Well.. my sword tends to be a few things.. usually my anger and my tongue. However.. I have a penchant-love of weaponry. Specific weapons linger in my lust..but weapons in general fascinate me. Custom weapons more so. Now.. anime gives birth to a whole slew of weapon ideas.. such as a gunsword (looking at you, Final Fantasy VIII)... and I've been getting my fill of Black Lagoon lately and one of the main characters uses aSword Cutlass which is really a Beretta M92FS modified with grips and I don't know what else, probably trigger sensitivity, and silver/chrome colouring. Skull & Crossbones engraving.. it's just a pretty & mean looking weapon.
Well.. as I said, I love weapons. I've got a two airsoft springer pistols, which remind me of the above mentioned Beretta 92's, but are really knock-offs of something else..can't remember what. And I've got a 357-6 pellet revolver.

The thing I love most about these is.. I don't need a license, PAL, FAL, or anything other than proof that I'm over 18 (and I haven't been ID'd since I was 15) to acquire them. They're not lethal, save I shoot you in the eye for breaking into my abode.. but chances are real good I won't get you there. I'd be aiming for kneecaps and groin before I aim at your face.

Eventually, I plan on acquiring some bladed weaponry - after I acquire some rifles. I blame The Duke... yup, John Wayne for showing me the lustre and joy of a lever-action rifle. Bolt-action and lever-action rifles are what I drool over, as far as rifles go. You can have your shotguns and such... but I'll be happy with an old M1 Garand or even the lowly and often-mocked, Red Ryder 1938 model BB-gun. Set up a backdrop and a trap..and I'm happy for a good while plinking away.

So anyhow.. there's my post for the day. When my new `toy` (and it ain't no toy.. don't let your kids near the thing.. people are stupid the world over..and projectile weaponry just makes us dumber) arrives, I'll toss up some pics of my small collection.