Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Procrasti-hey lookitthat!!

I've been meaning to write more.. I have.
Thought about it for a few days.. and then side-tracked myself with other things.
Seems my discipline to concentrate on various things I oughta do just ain't there.
Discipline.. ick. We hate discipline, we really do.. we the people that live on this planet.
So we make up another name for things we enjoy on a regular basis.. it's a hobby, it's a habit. This is part of my ritual, my annual whatever, I do this, I do that, I spend my time on whatever, I invest myself in .....
Either way, it's still a discipline.. most of them are disciplines of leisure and enjoyment.. hardly seems like a discipline at all, until you try to do something different.

Friend of mine has the discipline to read his bible when he gets up every morning.
Every honking morning, man! ..I wonder to myself.. does he get up and go pee first..or does his open his eyes, reach over for bible, and start reading instead? ...me, I get up and shower.. part of my "morning ritual"... I've let myself become disciplined to this. I could change it, but that would require another discipline to be forged over what I do now.

Procrastination is another discipline I've let take ownership in my life. Usually for things I don't want to do, like homework.. or dishes...... or scrubbing the bathtub. Homework.. man, never thought I'd have homework at this stage in life. ...Anyhow...
Even for things I WANT to do.. like practice my bass, or workout... I procrastinate on them!
I didn't realise a whole week had gone by since my last post until I called up the gunshop today to see if they had their order in or not.

Thing about disciplines.. habits, if you will.. is they're hard to break..and hard to make - the good ones. The not-so-good ones are easy...which is probably why there are more bad-habits than good ones out there.

So.. as I eat my Big Turk bar and look at my weights... I think I'm going to practice the C and G major scales on my bass.

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