Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just another day?

It's Valentine's Day.

A day made for whatever reason.. personally, I figure it was originally instated to help folks deal with the dreck of more winter and cold and an excuse to whoop it up and celebrate something.
Could have been better-thought-through, though. Seriously. Here you are, a bit past the general half-way point of winter, and you're celebrating love and couples and marriage and all the supposed mushy-mush feelings that go along with it. ..Great.. for the other half of the populace(which is now becoming the greater portion, apparently)'s just another rub in the face of something else they've not acquired/achieved/lived up to.

As for me.. my girlfriend is probably going to be some kind of disappointed. Why? Because I'm sick. She came to see me at school yesterday..and I was working. So she sat and read for an hour plus while I finished up what I was doing. And instead of going out and doing something afterward.. we hopped on a bus, and I went back to the house..and got a few things done..and then slept for about 5 or 6 hours. Woke up long enough to grab a bite to eat..then went back to sleep... and slept for about 9 hours. you oughta know I don't `sleep`....I almost-nap. I constantly wake up for no good reason..and when I'm sick.. at least I can roll over and hauk into the wastebin whatever's trying to kill me in my sleep. ...So.. poor girlfriend. Comes all the way downtown to see me at school... gets snubbed for work... then jumps on the bus with me..and I just go back to the house and crash.

She wants to see a movie tonight. No big plans, no major deal.. okay fine, no worries. ...and I'm sick with..whatever. So this is a problem.. I can't actually sit still long enough for a movie.. If I'm moving, I'm fine. If I'm doing -something- I'm fine. But the minute I sit down my nose and sinuses go back to work and my throat closes up and it's time to make noise blowing my honker or coughing something up. ...not exactly what you want to be subjected when you're out at the movies.

When we first started seeing each other.. I told her that I can `either save everything up for one big super-memorable day on valentine's...or we can treat like any other miserable day and I'll just be as romantic and goobery as I feel for whenever`. Her choice.
Now.. my girly.. she's a smart girly. Very down-to-earth, too. Doesn't figure valentine's should be a big deal. And yes, by all means, be as smooshy as I wanna be whenever I want to be. (I so have plans for something at a funeral..mwahahahahah. Naw, just kidding)

And yet.. I still feel as though I oughta do something, even if the ever-cliche` box of chocolates and flowers. .....but she likes cheesey things. So this throws me off my usual gameplan. Feduciary-provisions allowing, I would probably want to do something like get a horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside near dusk while nibbling on muncheables and sharing a nice bottle of wine... freeze our buns off while watching the stars come out. You know, nothing romantic.. just nice and something to be able to look back on in the future-years. ...but that ain't exactly cheesey, apparently it is romantic.. though I beg to differ. ..maybe just stuff that seems normal to me is either bizarre or romantic, depending on the situation. .... So instead.. I'm looking at a pastel-rainbow'd monkey-hat. And ring-pops. (you know, those lil plastic rings, with a huge honkin candy on it?) ...Maybe next year I'll see what I can do about some pop-rocks and a bottle of 7up. .. like 50.lbs of poprocks and 20L of 7Up and see how big a mess I can make. Of course, I'd have to get strawberry/cherry/raspberry flavoured ones, so the mess turns out pink and thereby is an appropriate colour for the day.

Well.. I guess I'll have to see what happens.. how well I'm feeling and what my girly is up for tonight. SO.. happy valentine's y'all. ...and if you're single.. enjoy the fact you don't have that stupid societal pressure to spend money on (really) trivial things.
Next month : Steak & a Blowjob day. ....yeh, that'll go over well, I'm sure (now wipe the sarcasm off your screen)

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