Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's follow-up


We ended up doing the very thing we decided we weren't going to do.
Pretty sure the girlfriend is kinda pissed at me.
Fortunately, she's level-headed..and after explaining what was going on.. she's not so angry at me anymore.. though I'm fairly certain she's still kind of upset/miffed at me.
Lucky me.. chocolates smooth things over.
A few boxes... just enough to fill a pickup truck.
That, and a ring.
Which she promptly ate. To see why, click here .

Now.. we had previously been to a restaurant we both enjoyed.. good food at good prices.. we'd been there a few times. However.. the first time we went there with some friends of mine.. they had changed the menu. And we went there again saturday with said friends..and for the second time, things were less than good. Instead of informing my friend's wife they were out of the dish she wanted, they simply substituted something else instead and served it. With two waitresses for 5 tables (the largest party being a party of 6, and none of them being obnoxious or demanding), the service was horribly inadequate. So this place is now on our `bad` list. ...which is a shame, because it was a great place to go before they changed the menu... that's the only thing I can see as a pivotal crux... the menu changed, and the food and service changed with it.

And then the movie we wanted to see.. we were too late to renting something.. and being harassed by some poor kid in the parking lot for fund-raising stuff.. now, my sweety deals with kids for a certain club.. so she's upset that whoever's looking after this kid has them in a busy parking lot, at 930 at night, and the parking lot ain't exactly brightly-lit. Stupid people, they's everywhere.. and most kids, if they're doing something like selling chocolate bars for fundraising, they just go where you tell'em and try to sell the chocolate bars.

She got another ring this morning.. also eaten. Which is fine.. eventually she's going to get a ring she can eat but won't want to. We found something nice and functional. Says she doesn't want an eye-gouger...which to me is a relief because it won't be a wallet-gouger either. At the ludicrous divorce-rates in the world.. 2-months salary is a stupid waste of money.. you could get multiple hookers for that kind of cash and be happier with your life, really.
Not that that's the smartest idea in the world.. but from a strict money and stats perspective.. hey, there ya go.

Not us though.. we're both `'til death do you part` people. Which is good. Also some same/very similar viewpoints on other things. We did get a bit of time to ourselves today, which was nice. Weather wasn't too bad either, so we enjoyed a bit of a walk.
Got to see a new side of my sweety.. playing cards with a friend of hers.. she can be quite.. vocal.. silly and vicious..all in one. Was.. weird.. but cute. Weird game.. mostly because you can just up and help your opponents.. and most games have you out solely for yourself.. but this one sets you up for helping each other.. or at least, wheeling&dealing for mutual benefits.
And for those curious.. yes, she won. Beat me by 5 points.

All things considered... for a couple of people who've never `done` valentine's day.. I think we managed fine.. taking into account the screw ups and let-downs.. I think we came through the other side just fine.
Time'll tell either way.

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