Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morbidity of Mortality

Nobody really likes to think about dying. One of the questions for testing to see if you're depressed is all about how often you think about death or dying.

Someone I know recently underwent a triple coronary bypass, open-heart surgery. They're fine now, more or less, recovering nicely, from what I'm told.
In discussing some of this, where one winds up after death, and so forth, some people got rather irate.
And I figure it has more to do with having to deal with the fact that they themselves aren't as young as they once were, and will inevitably die.. and most likely not at a time of their choosing, to boot.

So what is it about dying that gets people all down?
I mean.. seriously.. if you know where you're going, why get all funked-out about it?
As one man I know has said many times.. he wants his funeral to be a party, and the quote on his tombstone to read `What a ride!`
He knows where he's going, some folks I know -know- where they're going.. I know where I'm going.

Do you know where you're going?
..Better yet.. can you know beyond a doubt that that's where you're going?

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