Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waiting on whatever

So.. as life goes, it's time to GTFO and get moving again.

Unemployed, looking for work.. looking for new digs.. looking for.. anything: that will pay bills, and is tolerable, and I can physically/mentally do. Any other kind of work is only a stop-gap bandaid on a severed limb - completely useless.

People keep telling me `oh, just wait on God.. trust God, rely on God's provision`..
Empty words with the smallest of sympathy behind them.
As if I don't rely on God for most any/everything to begin with.
How do you ACTIVELY `trust God` ??.. I suppose I could wander the streets until I got some iggidy-giggidy feeling and max my credit card on an apartment or something.. but that doesn't take care of employment.. and isn't exactly being a `good and faithful` steward of what I've been given, now is it?

In the last 4 & 1/2 months of more-actively looking for work (the last 3 months of school employment seeking was enhanced, and since then, it's what I do now)..and I've gotten 2 nibbles.
One turned into.. nothing.. the second interview never happened, and my phone calls were not returned.
Another was a mass-interview (roughly 30 people) for a job I didn't apply for..and can't make a living at. The job I applied for, they are still advertising in the paper, and I wonder how many other people are going in on the company's bait&switch employment tactic.

Regardless.. here I am.. like many people.. looking for sustainable, reliable employment..
and getting more frustrated with each unproductive day that passes.

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Mary Beth Magee said...

I know what you mean, friend. Taking it one day at a time can be a real challenge when your heart is racing full speed ahead, looking for a finish line.

Still hunting myself, and feeling the frustration of nothing worth applying for, or not in my area, or not in my skill set. Hang on. I'm counting on the fact that God knows, even if I don't.