Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waiting on whatever

So.. as life goes, it's time to GTFO and get moving again.

Unemployed, looking for work.. looking for new digs.. looking for.. anything: that will pay bills, and is tolerable, and I can physically/mentally do. Any other kind of work is only a stop-gap bandaid on a severed limb - completely useless.

People keep telling me `oh, just wait on God.. trust God, rely on God's provision`..
Empty words with the smallest of sympathy behind them.
As if I don't rely on God for most any/everything to begin with.
How do you ACTIVELY `trust God` ??.. I suppose I could wander the streets until I got some iggidy-giggidy feeling and max my credit card on an apartment or something.. but that doesn't take care of employment.. and isn't exactly being a `good and faithful` steward of what I've been given, now is it?

In the last 4 & 1/2 months of more-actively looking for work (the last 3 months of school employment seeking was enhanced, and since then, it's what I do now)..and I've gotten 2 nibbles.
One turned into.. nothing.. the second interview never happened, and my phone calls were not returned.
Another was a mass-interview (roughly 30 people) for a job I didn't apply for..and can't make a living at. The job I applied for, they are still advertising in the paper, and I wonder how many other people are going in on the company's bait&switch employment tactic.

Regardless.. here I am.. like many people.. looking for sustainable, reliable employment..
and getting more frustrated with each unproductive day that passes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weird. Odd. ...Funny?

I am a gambling man.
In the fun kind of way. Various friends and I place bets, usually open-ended and fairly harmless and all in good fun. Usually dealing with the outcome of some game.

And so I finally collected (after a few weeks of putting it off) on one. I have a deal with a friend of mine - I've told her (and here's where sticking to your word can bite you in the butt) that if she buys it, I'll wear it. This all started as a bit of a discussion as to why she doesn't wear dresses..and in the ensuing arguement, it was asked why I don't wear dresses. ('cause I refuse to shave my legs?) To whit, `Hey, if you buy it, I'll wear it.` Lately, this has given way to some potentially embarassing things...which, thankfully, she has not spent her hard-earned money on.

Now.. this is where I got myself into trouble : my friend isn't girly-girl at all. So for christmas, as a gag, I got her some really girly stuff. ..and she wore them. And yes, she looks absolutely amazing in it. There was retaliatory threats of clothing-orientation. ....but no follow-through. Yet.

Sometime this week, we're going shopping. Probably after a couple of pints.
Maybe I'm paranoid. But I keep expecting her to spring this evil on me at some point.
The evil of gag-oriented clothing & objects.
Things designed to make you bright red and hope to crawl into a tiny hole somewhere away from people.

We'll see what the weekend brings.