Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another thing in the Big List of Stuff I Don't Understand

Okay.. so.. what the heck.
I'm near-indestrucitble sometimes. I've been hit by cars, a boat, a truck, bicycles, soccer players(football to you non-northamericans), walls, fish, pellets(from guns)..hammers..drywall.. my own stupidity.. I've been hit by a lot of things.

Theory says any head-trauma a person suffers should lower their IQ a few points.. I should be as smart as a brick.. maybe a houseplant.. but instead.. here I am.. slacker lazybum I am, I barely study.. and more or less gloss over my books.. take a few notes on things I figure I'll forget..and I still pass my courses with good marks. (88% is good, right?)

I've got a body that.. put me in the middle-ages, I could be ~right at home on a battlefield, swinging an axe into somebody's face~ ..to quote a movie... I really don't take care of myself... and yet, I'm rarely sick.. in decent physical shape.. and smarter than your average bear..

I don't get it.. God makes me one way..and I live a completely different way.. and I'm still here and kicking. And then some.

I don't get it.

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