Wednesday, April 15, 2009



After a couple of failed attempts.. and advice from Those-Who-Know-More-Than-Me that didn't work ... I've formated my harddrives, removed all the partitions except for the neccessary one(recovery info, etc).. and now it's on to the job of reinstalling things (for the third freakin time).
Windows Vista has a nice function that essentially saves all your crap and throws it into an folder marked ` windows.old`.. so you don't really lose anything if you just install a new OS.
I mistook this for a good thing.

So when I formatted drives (forgetting my days of DOS, and cardinal rule #1- backup to portable storage) I lost all the things that the initial OS install had kept.

So now I get to spend time trying to remember where I found all the nicknacks and items that helped me personalize this hunk of technology.

Ah well. It's nice.. like a clean-slate.. I get to start with a fresh pallete, a blank canvas and can start painting again, as it were.

I did this over the Easter Weekend. Now.. this is a rant for another day.. but man! If you're not a Christian, you shouldn't get the day off. I'm not muslim or hindu or any of that stuff, and I don't get their religious holidays off.. okay..better stop before this post goes into the wrong tangent..
SO.. I did this over the Easter weekend, and it got me thinking about how.. the Messiah went through all that stuff... so we could have a clean slate.. and we want that clean slate.. let Him reformat our brains and habits and patterns.. defrag our become new blank canvas'.. that He can paint on.

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