Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just for Lar..and others like him

Okay.. so, barring my mental capacity to think of ways around things, I'm just going to get uber-lazy (yes, over-lazy is an option.. cats choose it all the time) and just flaunt this here, and see what happens.

So.. THIS image is a small compilation from school (mashed together from various screenshots of critters I've created through the tools provided in NC Soft's City of Heroes/City of Villains)..

The project was to create an advertisement for a video game. Now.. a 60 is a passing grade, and my teacher(who is no longer a teacher there) slipped it by at a 76 after much harassment from the WoW-fanatic who sat next to me. (hers was much better than mine, and only got something like an 80.. lesson learned: never let a hobby-programmer grade your artwork, even if it's general layout.) This was done with Photoshop, CS3 version.

And THIS (which I scored a 98 on) was done on Illustrator, CS3.. object was to design a website layout. ...You won't be able to see the sticky-notes for the web-head programmers who would(in theory) have looked at it all and turned it into a viable website.
Your comments, opinions, and critiques are welcome. (Especially because I slaughed both projects off in less time than a person enjoys a -really- good cup of coffee)
And no.. don't ask me why I went with `cheese`.. I think it may have been some mental trailing thought about how cheesey the course was turning out to be.....this is all before I swapped from that and hopped on the Accounting/Payroll bus. ^_^

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