Thursday, December 18, 2008


Itunes is, sadly, the choice for audiophiles who enjoy their mainstream and relatively easy to navigate program.

Hate it. I have no respect for mac, or mac users or apple products or anything that makes it's living bashing the majority of consumers and propagating an air of superiority for their clique of customers and fan-base. Hate Microsoft, too.. but I'm too lazy to learn Linux.

SO.. Bought 42 songs off Itunes (see november rant about music)...and then decided to give Emusic a try.

..Well.... Emusic had about.. 9 songs.. that Itunes has.. for 1/3 the price. For 12$, get 30 downloads, and the 50 free download special thing. Burned through all but 3 of those (total of 80, so, 77 songs for my 12$) tonight..
A LOT of crap on Emusic. It'll say `Black Betty`..but it's NOT RamJam doing it (or the Spiderbait cover, which I like better). Not even close to a GOOD cover of BlackBetty... however, there was one cover using a mandolin..that was nifty.
So what did I get for my 12$ ??.. a lot of electronica / house / trance / dance .. some jazz, and those 9 songs I wanted from Itunes.

So.. all in all, for less than the price of 2 albums, I got more than double the tracks off Itunes.. and for less than half the price of one album, I got roughly 3 & 1/2 times the tracks from Emusic. But Emusic's offerings aren't all that great, unless you enjoy bad covers, live versions and heavy-indie music. All of which I Not. One. Bit.

Ah well.. win some, lose some..and in the end, it's only money - it's made to be spent.
Which brings me to the point of this thing..
The minute my credit card is swipe, my limit dips. But it takes 3 days.. 3 business days no less, for my payment to increase my limit. ...checked my balance tonight (because I'm anal about these things).. and while my transactions and subsequent payment went through.. my limit is still where it was. Hmmmm.
If this remains the same tomorrow..I may have to make a phone call and find out what gives.
If I give you X-amount to cover my debts that I've incurred, I expect (and there's the problem.. expectations) that my credit limit will be restored. And given that there's been no phone calls asking about the purchases made and did I, in fact, make them?..and so forth..I can only assume there's no problem.

Not yet anyhow.

There's gotta be a better way than this...

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