Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I (didn't) told you so??

... Yay.
It never rains but it pours.
Well.. it doesn't pour.. it monsoons.
Feast or famine.. what, no snacking here or there???

So with all the wonderful things going on lately.. (a bit of sexual harassment at school, friend's relatives dying, infants being sickly, people being laid up with back problems, some getting married, others getting divorced)... turns out my mom is getting divorced.
..Now.. my parents have been divorced for over a decade now.. both remarried.
Good for them.
I get an email from my mom, and at the bottom is `I have something I need to tell you`.
Those words alone `need to tell you`.. are as bad to men as `we need to talk` ...starting to think that anything with `need to` in it should be banned from linguistics altogether.

Now.. I'm an ass. I mean I am a Class-A dink. From what I know of things that have transpired in the past, the reverse is happening here..and I made a comment about that. Yeh.. tact I have.. it stays in an airtight container for emergency use only.. and apparently I forgot what shelf I left it on.

So... yay. More misery during the month of happiness and wonder. ...Y'all can send me a christmas card to the Kingston pen. ...When I met this guy, the only thing I said to him was `make my mom cry, and I'll kill you &^$@ing dead.` when I hear he wants a divorce, doesn't love her anymore and hasn't been happy for a long time now.. I asked her one thing.
"Did you cry?"
"That's all I need to know"

Yes people.. I am one of those looney psychotics that.. well.. I try to be a man of my word.
SO... I now have to go over my plot-book of where I put bodies and figure out whose place this guy can occupy.

.... but that's just me venting in my anger.

The sad thing is.. many times have we seen someone we care about in a relationship we know in out gut is bad... and don't say anything because we figure they wouldn't listen anyhow?

See.. my mom wouldn't marry someone who's not a christian. And this dude ain't. He finds this out..and jumps on the biblical-bandwagon. My red-alert goes off... but hey, it ain't my life. Besides.. when you love someone.. does reason and rationale really have a place? (well, yes..but they need to be amplified to be heard)
So... this occurance only solidifies what I've been thinking for a few years now.
And this ain't one of them things where saying to the person `I told you this was a bad idea!` has any kind of comforting smugness or any of that assinine crap that goes with it at all.

It's reassuring that she has some kind of support from close-by friends... but it doesn't change the fact that I want to bury this dude. ... my mom and I never had a real good relationship.. but she's my mom..and you don't mess with my family unless you want to meet your maker ahead of schedule.
...but then, that'd be playing God myself.. and that's not a wise thing to do.
So.. praying.. and as useless as that feels... well, I know I can't trust my feelings.
Prayer ain't useless, even when it seems like it is.
And I told me so.

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