Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Right around the corner waiting to smack you in the nose with a soaking-wet, hand-knitted mitten. You know the kind.. the kind that gain about 20 pounds of weight when wet, and hit anything like a brick.

I got thinking.. about the word holidays. And in my head it makes sense that the term comes from holy-days.. days of setting one's self apart for righteousness and holiness and being better than human.

People love this time of year.. save the snow and the cold.. well, sure, they love the snow.. when they're not driving in it, shovelling it, or otherwise doing anything but recreational/fun things in it. Can't blame'em. Wonder where my sense of that child-like joy for things went.. knowing me, it probably wandered off somewhere, and is waiting patiently under some kind of rockslide to be rescued... I miss that somedays... the wonderlust of new things and that irrepressible thing kids have... anymore, I sigh and wonder what this is going to cost me, and I ain't talking just money, folks.

To the best of my knowledge.. it's Christmas time (with valentine's being an almost-close second) that the suicide rates spike dramatically.
And no wonder, to me, anyhow... with all the forced cheer and dreckish weather and everybody clamouring for things for their families in a stupid frenzy... I mean seriously... what the hell people?!?! 20 years ago you didn't hear about some poor employee being TRAMPLED TO DEATH by frickin ignorant greedy gobs of human stupidity just to do some christmas shopping!!! ..What the hell kind of world has this become that people ignore (and let's face it.. you're ignoring the poor kid you're crushing.. because we're all aware when we step in something.. slush, gum, gravel, whatever.. a HUMAN BEING is a lot bigger and noticeable than those things!!) ...that people ignore basic behaviour and as a mob kill someone?
"Mob rule"... "mob mentality"... BS excuses if you ask me.
That's about as useful to defend your greedy choices and actions as saying it's okay to rape someone because you're horny, really really horny.

...Have there been any charges?.. not from the news articles I've read.. just grumbles at the company for not giving the deceased `proper crowd control lessons`.
Excuse me?
How about giving those people some `proper human-behaviour lessons` ??.. like.. let someone go ahead of you... don't knock people down, and HEY.. it's only crap.. it'll be in a landfill in 15 years(probably), so don't make it a priority!!

But.. such is the way of the world..
How badly I want out of this place... BUT.. not until I'm done whatever I'm supposed to do, and am allowed to go home will I leave.

I tend to loathe holiday-times... never been one for shopping or malls or crowds or for that matter, people. And these times of year only exaggerate that and bring into close-proximity the savagery of what folks truly are underneath it all. I haven't `done` christmas for a few years now.. sure, I'll get stuff for my family if I can.. but I'm not a fan of it. The rush-rush from place to place, traffic snarles.... the essential humanity let loose... drives me bonkers.

I am of the opinion that we (as a society, and world) need more Holy Days...and less holidays.

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