Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeah... don't know why I bother, most days.
Every time I try to do something nice for someone I have even the slightest of carings-about, it blows up in my face.
And yet, if I don't know you or care about you, I can do wonderful things and it never blows up in my face. ..maybe that's because I'm not around long enough for the explosion to catch me?..heheh. nuts.

Either way.. with information I have.. and a couple of good hunches, I make an offer.
It's going to suck if my info is wrong, because that'll make doing these things harder.. doable, but harder. My hunches however.. they're usually bang-on ..so not worried about that. It's the making it happen if the replies come back in the affirmative.. which I'm not expecting them to, but every so rarely, am I surprised with how people respond to things.

The only good news about this entire thing is that God works miraculously stupendous things for no other reason sometimes (at least, no other reason I can fathom) than just because He's awesome... and of course, how else can certain things come about if not for a miracle?

Either way.. time will tell what happens. Here's hoping for the best.. prepping for the worst.

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Mary Beth Magee said...

You are so correct, my friend. And our biggest challenge (or at least mine) is staying out of His way and letting Him show His glory.

Hang in there and don't let the jerks get you down!