Sunday, November 23, 2008

...with practice..

Yep, they say that everything gets easier with practice.

Bible says to pray for those who persecute you, pray for your enemies. Bless them as you can, and in doing so, it will be like heaping burning coals upon their heads.

.... I suppose.... but that's only if they know you're praying for them, I figure. What about them folks who have no idea you're praying for them?
There are a few people I now consider to be my enemies. ... part of me hopes something real bad happens to them so that I can laugh.. 'cause I keep remembering the passage of.. ...I can't remember who, but essentially, Israel is being harassed and massacred by this one group...and these others guy, instead of helping, are laughing at them, because their punishment is fitting for their crimes... how often do we smile or grin and relish when someone gets their comeuppance? ...well, God turned away His wrath from Israel because these guys where laughing at them and not helping them instead.
So I'm hoping me laughing at these people when their self-wrought calamity finally strikes will deter their deserved problems from completely consuming them.
And on the other hand.. I'm also praying for them.. trying to do so with a clear conscience, which is hard when you really just want to slap them upside the head...and have to literally bite your tongue around them. (or just leave the room)

And why don't I just clear the air with these people?... Tried that. Everytime I tried to clarify things, put a solution to problems.. they wouldn't hear it. Nothing I say or do is taken the way it's intended, and frankly, I've given up on these people. For now, the best thing is to simply avoid them until my pissed-off-edness winds down to a more easily manageable level. And that could take a long time.. 'cause I like to get things dealt with sooner rather than later, but if someone doesn't want to hear what you say, and misconstrues what you DO when say when they listen... what can you do? (bury'em 8 feet deep, I know...but that's a temporary solution to a long-running irritation)

SO... pray for them. And try not to give a rat's ass about the rest of it.
And that ain't easy.
Praying for someone is like loving someone... you're putting them ahead of yourself.
And that's a hard choice to make when what you really want is to drop them off a cliff. A big cliff. A big cliff over some sharp and pointy rocks. A big cliff over sharp and pointy rocks that lead out to sea, even. .....given that where I am has cliff with rock, and large body of water, but not combined, I'll have to find something else to do. (hey, do it right, or don't do it at all, right??)

Practice makes perfect....
so.. keep practicing praying for these folks... and much as I hate sucking at things.. nobody is ever great at something right off the bat.. not even savants.. they still gotta learn HOW to do something before their natural gifts kick in for it.

practice practice practice...

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